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Curved Stairlifts

Curved Stairlifts are lot more complex than a Straight Stairlift, because every Curved Stairlift is designed and built specifically for the individual staircase and therefore requires careful thought regarding which model will suit your staircase best. Curved Stairlifts can be installed in virtually any configuration of staircase and you can have a curved stairlift as an external curve (outside wall) or mounted on the internal side to save space We would strongly recommend contacting us for an on-site survey before going ahead with the purchase of a Curved Stairlift.

We also offer reconditioned curved stairlifts which can make a substantial saving on new stairlifts, we will be able to inform you of the models available with a home survey or call 0113 2394470 for details 

Brooks 180 Stairlift

The Brooks 180 stairilft is a well-designed and reliable stairlift that was developed in the early seventies with safety and comfort in mind.

Handicare 2000 Stairlift

The Handicare 2000 curved stairlifts are tailored to meet your needs exactly.

Platinum Curved Stairlift

Unlike many other companies that make numerous types of differing lift styles, at Platinum we prefer to concentrate our expertise and resources on one.

Reconditioned Curved Stairlifts

We offer a large selection of fully reconditioned curved stairlifts from all leading manufacturers, all of which are fully refurbished to "as new" standard.

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