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Bath Boards

Here is a small selection of Bath Boards, a simple device which offers the bath user assistance in bathing who have difficulty getting in and out of the bath. Bath boards come in various shapes and sizes so please check your bath size so as to order the correct Bath Board. Some Bath Board offer a handle as a accessory

Alton Bath Board

A perforated steel construction coated in tough white, easy to clean plastic. Extra wide, high strength and quick draining design, also ideal when showering.

Fresh Moulded Bath Board With Handle

For ease of transfer and added security, this moulded plastic bath board is supplied complete with handle.

Medeci Bath Board

A white plastic slatted bath board that fits securely over the bath. Plastic adjustable brackets, with rubber inserts, ensure a good grip on the sides of the bath.

Padded Vinyl Bath Board

Covered in grey PVC over thick foam giving excellent comfort.

Rufus Moulded Bath Board

A sturdy plastic board that is warm to the touch and has an embedded pattern to disperse water when the skin comes into contact with the seat.

Savannah Slatted Bath Board

Made with smooth, reinforced plastic slats the Savanah bath board provides a strong comfortable, quick draining design.

Wooden Slatted Bath Board

An attractive wooden board, varnished to give a waterproof finish. Water drains away quickly making it ideal when showering. Width 229mm (9").

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