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Transit Wheelchairs

Karma Agile Wheelchair


It's all about comfort, performance and style. Meet Agile, the new for lightweight wheelchairs

Dash Lite Wheelchair

The Dash Lite Transit Wheelchair comes complete with retardant brakes fitted to the push handle to assist the carer’s manoeuvre on slopes and around corridors

Days Escape Lite Wheelchair

The Days Escape lite is a very popular basic-entry transit wheelchair in the Invacare manual range. Its lightweight aluminium construction makes this

Karma Ergo Lite

The Ergo Lite transit wheelchair is an innovative piece of mobility equipment from Karma Mobility and weighing just 8.3kg, this lightweight chair is one of the lightest

Karma Ergo Lite 2

The Ergo Lite 2 transit wheelchair is one of the lightest transit wheelchairs you will find in our range. Weighing in at just 8.7kg it is highly practical and comes complete with the much loved Ergo seating system.

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