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Dash Lite Wheelchair

The Dash Lite Transit Wheelchair comes complete with retardant brakes fitted to the push handle to assist the carer’s manoeuvre on slopes and around corridors

and is also very light with a lifting weight of only 8kg.when dismantled 12.6kg complete The Dash Lite is available in two seat sizes and is suitable for users weighing up to 127kg (20 stone). The easy folding frame makes this wheelchair perfect for transportation, storage and lifting into car boots.

This Ultra light wheelchair also features quick release wheels which are lightweight and easy to use, a lap belt for added safety and swing away detachable armrests providing the occupant with ease of access and exiting of the wheelchair. It also features high aesthetics as it is available in a metallic black or red finish to the lightweight aluminium frame.


  • Ultra light wheelchair weighing only 12.6kg
  • Amazing lifting weight of 8.2kg (Remove quick release wheels)
  • Easy folding frame makes it ideal for lifting, transportation and storage
  • Quick release wheels which are easy to use
  • Lap belt for added safety
  • Swing away detachable armrests provides the occupant with ease of access and exiting of the wheelchair
  • Available in high quality metallic finish in black or red
  • Complete with retardant brakes fitted to the push handles

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