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Compact Scooters

Compact scooters are suitable for those who need to transport an electric mobility scooter on a regular basis. They are easily folded up (thus the name compact scooters) so you can pop them in the car and use them once you reach your destination. Compact scooters are smaller than most other electric mobility scooters making them more manoeuvrable, ideal for shops and around the house.

Kymco Auto-Fold Scooter

The Kymco K-Lite Folding Electric scooter has been designed to offer the best in lightweight folding scooters, for ease of storing and transportation. The ultra-lightweight scooter has the very latest in light materials, electronics, folding mechanisms and safety.


Pride Apex Lite 

Modern, lightweight and agile the Pride Apex Lite

The Apex Lite features stylish 8 inch alloy wheels, detachable frame design and a comfortable folding seat aiding for a smoother more enjoyable journey.

Pride Apex Rapid 


Sleek style and luxurious features

Introducing the first travel mobility scooter from ‘Pride® Travel Scooter’ range to feature ground breaking all-round suspension.

Liberty Vogue Scooter

The Vogue provides the ultimate in luxury, comfort and ease of use. The advanced engineered full front and rear suspension complete with the fully adjustable padded seat gives a comfortable driving experience.

Ultralite 480 Moblity Scooter

The Ultralite 480 is the ultimate transportable scooter. With its compact and lightweight design, the 480 ensures you stay independent at all times, whether you are out shopping or just visiting friends and family.

Kymco K Lite

The new KYMCO K-Lite micro mobility scooter has been designed to give
you the ultimate in transportability, manoeuvrability and performance.

Kymco Mini Comfort

The new Mini Comfort has been designed to give you the very best in quality, transportability, manoeuvrability and to provide you with an incredible level of comfort and driving performance.

Drive Auto Fold

This scooter can easily be folded by remote control in under 20 seconds providing a quick and easy transport solution for users on the go

Pride Quest Scooter

A light portable and easy to fold mobility scooter. The Pride Quest folding mobility scooter is perfectfor the active lifestyle.

TGA Zest Moblity Scooter

Either of the zest models are a perfect town companion. They have a great range of features and easily come apart into a few manageable sections 

TGA Minimo Scooter

Super-flexible and foldable The new Minimo is a revolution in compact, ‘car boot’ scooter design.

Invacare Colibri Scooter

The exciting Invacare Colibri is an attractive, simple and exceptionally lightweight scooter that is perfectly suited for users who pursue a completely independent lifestyle.

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