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Bathing Accessories

Here is a selection of Bathing Accessories to help ease the bathing experience from bath mats to cushions, there is a large range of Bathing Accessories so if there a particular Bathing Accessory you are looking for not listed please contact us

Bath Mat And Neck Rest

This long-line bath mat provides excellent protection along the entire length of the bath.

Bath Pillow

Inflatable pillow that improves the bathing experience.

Bath Pressure Relief Cushion

A gel ½lled cushion that provides even pressure distribution across the full sitting area.

Bath Safety Strips

These bath safety strips are perfect for all bath shapes and sizes.

Extra Large Bath Mat

This rubber mat covers a good proportion of the length of the bath, preventing slipping and providing a comfortable surface for sitting or standing.

Inflatable Bath Cushion

This inflatable cushion gives additional comfort and support when bathing.

Large Bath Mat

White rubber mat with multi-suction cups on underside.

Plastic Bath Mat

White plastic bath mat, which is machine washable (up to 40°C).

Shower Mat

White rubber shower mat with suction cups on the underside, ribbed on the top surface for improved safety.

Shower Mat Square

Square, perforated natural rubber mat, designed for use in showers.

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