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Platinum Curved Stairlift

Unlike many other companies that make numerous types of differing lift styles, at Platinum we prefer to concentrate our expertise and resources on one.

We believe that by specialising in the design, manufacture and delivery of the domestic curved stairlift we can provide our customers with a superior product.

That is why if your staircase requires a lift that needs to negotiate landings and corners, you can rest assured that the Platinum Curve was designed and built with you and your home, exclusively, in mind.

Being in your own home surrounded by your favourite things, family and friends is surely more preferable to a hospital cubicle or care facility.

There are also a huge number of therapeutic and social benefits in retaining self-determination at home.

A stairlift is one solution to keeping and prolonging independence at home along with many other freedoms and benefits.

Climbing steep stairs, for example, can be strenuous and at times quite demanding physically. A stairlift can provide a simple, easy and convenient method of getting up and down stairs quickly and safely.

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