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Invacare Spectra XTR 2

Freedom of movement

The Invacare SpectraXTR 2 has been developed to combine powerful driving performance with comfort. High torque motors



and a unique suspension design provide a smoother, easier ride. The new ModuliteTM seating system offers unrivalled flexibility and modularity providing a solution for many postural needs. An easy to remove cable free battery system means that the SpectraXTR 2 is extremely quick and simple to service.

Driving performance and comfort

SpectraXTR2 has a specially designed suspension system where the springs are mounted centrally under the seat, and attached to a long swing arm for improved traction and enhanced outdoor performance and comfort. It is available in three speeds: 3, 6 and 10 km/h. The compact dimensions allow for excellent manoeuvrability, and the chair’s width can be reduced below 590mm (23"). The seat riser option increases accessibility further, by offering a total increase in height of 300mm (12").

Serviceability and transportability

With a clever and robust mechanism for detaching the seat from the wheelbase, transportation, storage and servicing are rendered refreshingly trouble-free. Just one cable has to be disconnected when taking the SpectraXTR2 apart. To make servicing even easier, the cable free batteries slide out smoothly and without effort. 

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