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Powered Wheelchairs

Here are a small selection of Powered Wheelchairs we currently offer, for each Powered Wheelchair there are probably ten variations to the standard model. Powered Wheelchairs are highly configurable and we would suggest you may want to take advise on the suitably of a particular Powered Wheelchair before purchasing. You may wish to try several Powered Wheelchairs first at home to decide which is the most suitable. Northern Mobility will offer this service free of charge for Powered Wheelchair purchases

Invacare Aviva RX

Freedom of movement

The new Aviva brand of powerchairs have arrived. Invacare's Aviva RX is the first in the new range of powerchairs that are unlike any other powerchairs on the market. 

Pride i-Go  Wheelchair

i- Go Durable, lightweight and portable. The new i-Go from Pride Mobility features advanced folding technology. Enabling it to be quickly transported with ease.

Pride Go 2 Wheelchair

Small, light and portable. The New Improved Go Chair. The all new Go Chair is re-engineered from the ground up, offering a sleek, bold new style available in an array of contemporary colours

Jazzy Select 6 Powerchair

Providing exceptional stability and performance. The highly manouevrable Jazzy select 6 from the Jazzy powerchair range delivers the advantages of in-line motor technology for enhanced efficiency

Jazzy Air 2 Wheelchair

Elevate your life to the next level with the Jazzy Air 2 Powerchair. Introducing a revolutionary update to the industry renowned Jazzy Air, the exceptional Air 2.

Invacare Esprit Powerchair

Invacare Esprit Action4NG is a compact and lightweight power wheelchair for those that like to get about easily. It's tool free

Invacare Fox Powerchair

The Invacare Fox has been designed to help maximise independence. As well as meeting clients practical needs, Fox is also very comfortable, great looking and safe.

Invacare Spectra XTR 2

Freedom of movement

The Invacare SpectraXTR 2 has been developed to combine powerful driving performance with comfort. High torque motors

Invacare Bora Powerchair

The Invacare Bora is a compact chair with a new sense of style to match an individuals lifestyle and personality. This remarkable chair boasts a powerful yet smooth driving experience with enhanced colour options for a unique look and feel.

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