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Invacare Colibri Scooter

The exciting Invacare Colibri is an attractive, simple and exceptionally lightweight scooter that is perfectly suited for users who pursue a completely independent lifestyle.

This is partly due to the innovative LiteLock system that means the Colibri can be disassembled with little effort and in little time, with no tools required, meaning that ease of transport is ensured. Another striking feature of the scooter is its remarkably small footprint, ensuring that it is ideal for use in tight and cramped spaces due to the enhanced manoeuvrability afforded by the compact base.

As well as functionality, style is also a prominent aspect of the Colibri with the aesthetically pleasing body and stylish yet extremely comfortable seat giving the scooter a modern look. Furthermore, it is also possible for the user to swap the colour panels at will to create the look they desire, and as with disassembling the Colibri's body, no tools are needed as the simple clip-on mechanism easily holds everything securely in place.

Technical Data:

  • Back Width:465mm
  • Seat Depth:400mm
  • Base Height:370mm-420mm
  • Seat Height:385mm
  • Total Width:505mm
  • Total Length:1010mm
  • Weight (With 12 Ah Batteries):44kg
  • Weight (With 14 Ah Batteries):49kg
  • Incline Capability:6°
  • Speed:8km/h
  • Maximum Range:16km
  • Maximum Load Capacity:136kg

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